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Imagine a World...

A World of harmony, abundance and infinite potential... for all.

AIStrategy.Associates and CryptoStrategy.Associatesdeliver upon the Metachain® promise of web3 Digital Asset management tools TODAY.

Through modular Open Source wallet design and deployment we empower our clients' shared mission to balance people, profit, and planet.

Harness the power of decentralized identity, mobile money, and ubiquitous AI to deliver of innovation, abundance, sustainable growth, and prosperity.

Transform the future with the power of Metachain®

Co-create Tomorrow
By the Numbers


Billion Earthlings Online


Days for ChatGPT to Reach 1M Users


Million Wallets in 2023

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People Online (by April 2021)
different types of cryptocurrencies in 2022
"Internet users (16-64) who use a banking, investment, or insurance website or app each month"
5 Days
"for ChatGPT to attract 1 million sign ups" (Nov. '22)