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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Meta Associates?

Meta Associates is a pioneering network of consulting groups, encompassing AlStrategy.Associates and CryptoStrategy.Associates, that specializes in AI, machine learning, blockchain, and Web3 technologies. This visionary collective empowers organizations and individuals to harness the potential of cutting-edge digital solutions, driving success, innovation, and competitiveness across various industries.

With a mission to serve people, profit, and planet, Meta Associates strives to unlock the potential of AI, machine learning, and decentralized technologies for the greater good. By fostering progress and sustainable growth in multiple sectors, this forward-thinking consortium paves the way for a prosperous and interconnected future for all.

What is AIStrategy Associates?

AIStrategy.Associates™ is part of the MetaAssociates network and specializes in AI and machine learning. This innovative group enables organizations and individuals to harness AI, driving success and competitiveness. By providing insightful guidance, AIStrategy Associates accelerates AI project results, sparking innovation and growth.

With a mission beyond profit, AIStrategy Associates strives to unlock AI and machine learning potential for the greater good. By advancing progress in various industries, this forward-thinking consultancy fosters a prosperous future for all.

What is CryptoStrategy Associates?

CryptoStrategy.Associates™ is a consulting group under the MetaAssociates umbrella. It focuses on helping organizations, businesses, and individuals navigate the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and Web3 technologies. By providing strategic guidance, CryptoStrategy Associates assists clients in unlocking rapid results for their blockchain projects, ensuring they remain relevant and competitive in the rapidly evolving decentralized landscape. Their mission is to make Web3 work for their clients and the world by leveraging the potential of decentralized technologies, promoting trust, transparency, and accountability.

How do I become associated?

If you're interested in becoming associated with Meta Associates, there are two options available to you:

For new business inquiries, simply click on the CONTACT form on our website and select 'New Business' from the options provided. Our team will get in touch wit you to discuss potential collaboration opportunities and explore how we can work together.

If you'd like to request an interview with a practice group leader, click on the CONTACT form and select 'Request an Interview'. Our team will connect you with the appropriate practice group leader to discuss your interests, expertise, and how you can contribute to Meta Associates' mission."

What is Metachain®?

Metachain® is the groundbreaking, decentralized open-source framework of protocols for building decentralized applications that operates at the intersection of AI, blockchain, and web3.

It serves as a decentralized architecture for stakeholders integrating multiple distributed data management and consensus mechanisms, while fostering collaboration, security, and transparency.

Metachain® is designed to enable a better, more connected world by supporting scalable solutions, privacy, and trust in the network.

What is the Metachain® Association?

The Metachain® Association constitutes a vibrant community of advocates and associates dedicated to advancing innovation and consensus across the diverse Open Source components of Metachain®.

Most of these stakeholders engage through an assembly of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), collaborating and making collective decisions in a decentralized fashion. This approach promotes transparent, community-driven development and implementation of various protocols, including OpenCCT™ OpenSTO™, OpenStaking™, and others.

What are the benefits of using Metachain®?

Metachain® presents a myriad of advantages, transforming the digital landscape. This groundbreaking technology fosters decentralization, promoting autonomy and collaboration. By utilizing distributed data management and consensus, Metachain® ensures robust, secure networks.

Emphasizing abundance, Metachain® empowers individuals and organizations to co-create a sustainable and prosperous world. Its reputation system respects privacy, enabling anonymous yet trustful participation. With scalability at its core, Metachain® effortlessly handles high traffic volumes, catering to web-scale demands. Ultimately, Metachain® paves the way for a vibrant, connected future, driven by innovation and shared progress.

How can I become involved with Metachain®

If you're interested in becoming involved with Metachain®, we'd be delighted to discuss opportunities with you! There are a few ways you can contribute and be a part of our community:

1: Become an Associate: As an Associate, you can help shape the future of Metachain® by participating in various initiatives and projects.

2: Become a Technical Associate: If you have a strong technical background and expertise in blockchain, you can join us as a Technical Associate. This role will allow you to contribute your skills and knowledge to further develop and enhance the Metachain® platform.

3: Align with the Association: If your organization shares our vision and goals, you can explore opportunities for collaboration and alignment with the Metachain® Association.

To explore any of these options further or to express your interest, please don't hesitate to contact us at Our team will be happy to provide more information and guide you through the process of getting involved with Metachain®.

What is MetaMo™?

MetaMo is the Metachain® Association's user-friendly and secure digital asset mobile wallet, designed to store, manage, and transact digital assets on the Metachain network.

MetaMo facilitates seamless interaction with the Metachain ecosystem, allowing users to access decentralized applications and services built on the Metachain framework.

MetaMo empower individuals and organizations by providing a convenient way to interact with the decentralized, open-source Metachain protocols and the wider Web3 environment.

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